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 Sisters Living Room Clubs: A monthly bible-based program for Christian women with a passion for faith and for encouraging women!

Friendship drives us.
Faith guides us.


Description of Sisters –

  • Sisters Living Room Clubs is a bible-based program, not a bible study, for women who are passionate about faith and encouraging women. As a Sisters Living Room Leader you would host a monthly gathering for your friends which will inspire your walk, nurture your greatness and calling, and build friendships!
  • Now available! Sisters Free App now available in the itunes and android stores under Sisters Ministry- free
  • Sisters’ Amazing Greatness Encouragement Community & Greatness Training $19.99/mo – coming soon



Why do women
love leading a Sisters Club?

A Refreshingly New, Faith-Based Program for Christian Women Worldwide:
Face-to-Face Fellowship &
Heart-to-Heart Friendships!

  • It’s a unique, inspirational and fresh way to nurture friendships and faith together.
  • It’s a wonderful way for God to use your passion for women and faith.
  • This is a small group ministry that leaves women feeling connected, filled up, and inspired to walk in her faith, follow their calling and build great friendships.
  • It’s a great way for women to connect in a deeper way to themselves, their sisters & their faith.
  • It’s easy and fun to manage because we know you are busy. It is a 2-3 hour monthly event each month.
  • A wonderful outreach/connection tool for you to gather your friends/family/coworkers/neighbors, across Christian denominations if you choose.
  • A done-for-you program where you get to spend your time nurturing and connecting with the women in your club. That means that you don’t spend your time creating/writing/planning.
  • A fail-proof, easy-to-run program.  It takes about an hour of prep prior to the event and each event is designed to be hosted monthly for 2-3 hours – hold it your home, your office or anywhere!
  • Are you already involved in an existing group but you are looking for ‘more’ Perhaps you have a prayer group at work but you want ‘more’. Maybe you have an existing  book club or a bible club but it’s ‘dying out’ and you want to do something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a faith-based gathering but didn’t have the time to create the content.


Sisters Programs-02How it Works: Sister’s Living Room Clubs:

A monthly bible-based program for Christian women with a Passion for faith and for encouraging women!

  • We will walk you through – Once you buy the program you will get emails over the next 5 days that walk you through step-by-step how to set up your club, including the materials and everything you’ll need. It’s Easy!
  • Done for you , easy to implement -This program is easy to run because it includes a full 12 months of themes and curriculum that are emailed to you, so no writing or planning needed.
  • Just pick your monthly date  – (i.e. first Tues., second Fri night, third Sat morning). You can run it by yourself or ask a friend to join you. We recommend doing potluck or something easy for food.
  • Great Program  –  The program includes five powerful elements: Amazing Connection, Amazing Life, Amazing Gratitude, Amazing Calling & Amazing Greatness. (read about them below)
  • Small group environment for closer connections –Each ‘club’ is encouraged to have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 women – so invite your friends and get started!
  • Simple training- We send you a 30 minute training video to give you some great pointers on running your club that really make a difference for you and for your attendees.
  • Equip you with materials -not only with the program, but with pre-made  graphics that makes it easy to invite your friends to your Sisters Club.
  • Our global leadership team – When you are a leader of your own Sisters Club you are a part of the worldwide leadership team – we are growing together!!
  • Love & Inspiration – Sisters is bible based, and not based on denomination. It based in love and faith of Christ and appropriate for all Christian women if you choose. We mostly talk about our lives and how we are following our calling and growing our faith as our cornerstone for it all.


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We Give Back Three Ways.


  • It’s important that, in all that we do, we give back. So we give a percentage of all program fees go directly into our mission scholarship fund. Those are then granted in $500 increments to women who are raising money to go on Christian mission trips around the world. Our dream is to eventually fund hundreds of women to go on mission trips. It’s a small way we help women to; share their greatness, use their gifts to serve others and share about God’s message.
  • 10% of all program fees are donated to our dedicated charity; the women and children’s division of Global Teen Challenge. Teen Challenge has 1100 centers worldwide in 92 countries with 27,000 beds that offers 12 month, Christ-based recovery programs with an 82% success rate. Out of the 50 U.S. centers for women only 5 of them are for women with children, but their goal is to have 25 in the next 3 years. If you are called to volunteer or start a center email
  • For every Sisters Program sold, a program will be gifted through our charity partner to either a Christian military wife abroad or a Christian woman in a developing country.


IMG_8588Our team and friends gathered for a night of Sisters Living Room Club pre-launch fun.


  Sisters Programs-03
What are the monthly events like?

The Sisters Program is filled with faith-nurturing content and there are five elements to each monthly event:

  • Amazing Life: The opening element of the event where you’ll discuss the monthly theme and learn fascinating things about greatness women from the bible. You’ll learn how those women are relevant to your life today, it’s so inspiring!
  • Amazing Connection: Small group fun where you and the other ladies share stories, ideas and hearts. This is a core component of this program and is the heart of ‘sisters’ getting to know each other and building friendships. Everyone’s favorite part!
  • Amazing Gratitude: This is all about growing an attitude of gratitude. This is wonderful activity to  help women see God’s blessing in everything we go through even the tough stuff.  This is life-changing and will help the ladies nurture an attitude of gratitude.
  • Amazing Calling: This section is so fun to listen to! The ladies uncover and strengthen their God-given gifts and how God is using/calling them to action. This is a great way to encourage your ladies to walk in their faith and make their faith real in their life. Everyone is at different ‘levels’ of action around their gifts & calling and this is a wonderful way to encourage them.
  • Amazing Greatness: This encouragement circle helps the ladies see where smallness and greatness are playing out in their life. This is a great exercise to help one another step into their greatness and allow God to guide us in this. You’ll be on fire for your life after this section!


  • Get your own Sisters Living Room Club Today! It’s only $197. It includes the following 7 things:
    • 1) 12 months of themes, program and curriculum already done for you so you are equipped well
    • 2) the 3o minute training video and leaders guide
    • 3) ongoing support through the leaders facebook page
    • 4) ongoing monthly leadership emails and inspiration from our team
    • 5)  2 tickets to the leadership day at the 2015 Sisters 3 Day conference in Phx ($199 value)
    • 6) You receive 6 months of membership in the Amazing Greatness Encouragement Community (value $120).
    • 7) A percentage of this sale will go to help women go on more mission trips and to open more Global Teen Challenge women’s and children’s centers.



Sisters’ Amazing Greatness Encouragement Community & Greatness Training $19.99/mo – coming soon
90 minute call with Q& A with Dena Patton to help you live a life of Amazing Greatness plus a private facebook page for ongoing connection and support

5 principles of Amazing Greatness

  1. Identify and catch your smallness daily!
  2. Ignite and own your greatness
  3. Create and maintain boundaries
  4. Live a life and career that inspires you
  5. Support for your calling & greatness (don’t do it alone!)




About Dena Patton: 

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Dena with her husband Greg and daughter Alli

Dena created Sisters Program to help revolutionize women’s ministries worldwide so that all Christian women, no matter her location, Christian denomination or home church affiliation, would have access to a refreshingly new program to walk our faith, nurture our greatness and spiritual calling and build friendships. Dena is an everyday wife, mother, speaker and business owner who juggles her career, her daughter, her marriage and what to make for dinner every night. For 12 years she has pursued her calling and passion to empower, inspire and connect women especially to live from their greatness and pursue their calling. Three years ago God called Dena to write a book and a women’s ministry program on those very subjects. It was a path she hadn’t explored yet, and battled to pursue feeling unequipped, but with much prayer, faith and inspiration from Lisa Bevere’s book Lioness Arising she took on the assignment, and 2014 will be the year the book and Sisters will become a reality.  Dena’s hope is that Sisters will be a vehicle for women worldwide to serve and lift her sisters. Together we can help each other walk our faith, nurture our spiritual calling and build friendships. She has traveled the world with a passion to meet amazing women, and in doing so, she has found that women want an easy but meaningful way to bring together faithful girlfriends, and Dena is so excited that now the Sisters Living Room Clubs can be that solution.

We are excited to have launched Sisters on March 8th International Women’s Day. One of Dena’s favorite reminders is that we are here to serve others and it’s through serving others that our leadership grows. Dena is on a mission to find 1000 women worldwide to be a Sisters Living Room Club leader to help serve women in their faith, their spiritual calling and in friendship.  When we allow God to guide us we can serve others in great ways.  Even in our day-to-day jobs, no matter what our job is, there is some way we can serve others in meaningful ways.  For 12 years Dena has been a speaker and business coach for women business owners, and with each client she finds a special way for God to use her in that situation. Sometimes it is not evident or obvious at first, but undoubtedly it happens each time with profound results. So whether it’s in your job, your day-to-day life or through a Sisters Club we encourage you to serve and lift others.Learn more about Dena here.


We believe…

  • The one Bible is our only truth.
  • Just as God calls missionaries, pastors and church workers to serve Him, He also calls moms, volunteers, business owners and you and I for Him.
  • God has a life purpose for each of us and we’re to discover and pursue that purpose.
  • God calls us to be in a safe, like-minded community with His people, who can support us to accomplish His unique plan for us.
  • Our greatest dreams are nothing compared to what God can do through us. Connecting intentionally to our gifts and purpose will grow them and will bring about our greatest joy and fulfillment.
  • Jesus is Lord over all areas of life, which includes our personal, family, business and community life.

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Friendship drives us.
Faith guides us.

4 thoughts on “Sisters Women Ministries Program

  1. Hi there!

    I heard Dana speak about a year ago about how the Lord told her to do women’s ministry. I am involved in our Women’s Connection group at First Assembly of God in Casa Grande and we need something to connect on a more regular basis. I think that this would be perfect.
    Please keep me informed of when you are launching this. I’d be interested in finding out about the launching team as well.

    Thanks so much.

    God bless and press on!!

    Jeanine Sudnick

  2. I am very interested in getting involved in your organisaion, and making a difference. Please let me know how can I get involved.



  3. I’d love to hear more about your organization. Please keep me informed about when you launch.
    All the best,
    Cindy Perez

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