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Jump into Greatness: 4 Week Coaching & Mastermind

An adventure just for people who are taking their business to the next level.

You are craving to play bigger, get out of your comfort zone and grow your business. Are you ready to JUMP INTO GREATNESS? This is a 4 week coaching program AND it includes a FREE live masterminding session on August 10th that includes indoor skydiving. Dena is bringing 14 years of business coaching to your business to help you build your business so that you can make the difference and the revenue you desire.


  • Includes 3 group coaching calls 90 minutes each with Dena that will take your business to the next level – calls are August 31st, September 7th & 14th from 11-1230pm AZ time.
  • You will learn in week 1: Dena’s 3 best systems that 80% of business owners are missing that will create a well-oiled and well-led company and you’ll get out of the rut!
  • You will learn in week 2: Dena’s proven 7 part marketing method that will create a clear marketing strategy for your business and you’ll get out of the marketing struggle!
  • You will learn in week 3: Dena’s recognized sales system that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to take their sales and their confidence to the next level!
  • Week 4 live in Scottsdale AZ September 21st from 10am -3pm: we will all ‘jump’ at an indoor skydiving center with lunch, then mastermind for 2 hours your business with the entire group. People who can’t attend can be on the phone for the masterminding.
  • Bonus, all participants receive one free ticket to Dena’s Quarterly Happy Hour on Aug 3rd 5-7pm in Scottsdale AZ
  • Bonus #2, all participates receive one copy of Dena’s new book The Greatness Game
    “Don’t let fear rob you of your greatest vision. It takes courage and greatness to go to the next level and you are ready. This 4 week program will help you create the systems and marketing that will propel you to the next level because one thing can change everything. You are ready!”  Requirements & Details:-All costs and materials are included in the fee.
    -Dates August 31st, September 7th & 14th from 11-1230 via conference line, and free bonus September 21 10-3pm live in Scottsdale

    -This is limited to only 12 people.
    -This is only for people who are serious about growing or scaling their business.
    -Investment is $349 per person (or check out Dena’s other packages here)
    -NOTE: Registration will open on June 1st – want to be the first to be notified? Join my email list here







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The Quarterly Happy Hour

A 4-Part Happy Hours Series to promote collaboration and business among women leaders and entrepreneurs. With 18 Phoenix women’s organizations collaborating to host these happy hours. Join us on Aug 3 and Oct 5 in Scottsdale. Do you want to be notified when registration opens join my newsletter list here. Details on the event here: http://thequarterly2017.eventbrite.com/ 


















Greatness Marketing Academy For Your Group
Greatness Marketing Academy is a Game-Changing Marketing & Sales Class For Entrepreneurs. Dena will teach you, an in-depth 7 part branding + marketing + sales process so you can master your marketing!  This is a 6 hour class and Dena comes to you. It is $99 per person for your group of 10 or more. Click here to book it.






2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. Hi!

    I “just happened” to stumble on Dena’s work while doing Google search for “Ignite Your Greatness”. Next week, Dec. 6 & 7, I will be graduating from a year-long, intensive coaching school, Accomplishment Coaching. My next step is to obtain my first milestone goal, the ACC Certification from International Coaching Federation. I am at the beginning stages of building a business plan of speaker, author & coach. Right now, I am still in my “survival job” full time and am beginning the process of developing a plan to transition out of it. I have such a high level of excitement of finding Dena! A teammate of mine from Accomplishment Coaching and I will be attending a weekend workshop in Canada the weekend of Jan 23rd with Callan Rush, “Magnetize Your Audience”, which I am also very excited about. However, when I found Dena, something very deep inside stirred powerfully! I am a Christian too and the reason I was doing a Google search for “Ignite Your Greatness” is because I was considering that name for my workshops I intend to offer on a regular basis. It seems as though Dena’s path is tailored EXACTLY to the touch points in my journey. I consider the work that has been placed within me as my Life Purpose from God and the framework to accomplish the work He has for me to do.
    This year has been extremely challenging AND over-the-top empowering! The day after I enrolled in my (very expensive) coaching school (while unemployed), my best friend from junior high was looking for a place to rent. Long story, short: she moved into my condo and I moved into my high school bedroom in my 90 year old father’s home so I could pay tuition instead of mortgage. I have been living here this entire year. Within that first month, I got my day job which has been another treasured gift! Equally exciting, in two weeks, I have the blessing of moving back into my home again! I cannot express enough about my gratitude to God and extreme clarity He has give me regarding the fact that I know – without a shadow of a doubt – that God is up to sometime POWERFUL in my life to offer transformation to others in the world. I am humbled and honored.
    I don’t even know exactly why I am reaching out and telling this story except to let you know that I am here and when the time is right, I will be connecting again with you. I will be following your work as the process unfolds.
    Thank you so very much for choosing to become who you are so I can see the possibility that is being offered to me by the King of Kings.
    With much love and gratitude,
    Nancy Christenson

    1. I’m so excited for you Nancy it sounds like God has you on a fantastic path! Keep going because as you have experienced He will give you the stepping stones as you walk, but it requires that you keep walking in faith and trust HIM to lay the stones down step by step. I’m honored that you found me and my website please stay in touch and connect on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/DenaTrakesPatton

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